Hardwood & Softwood Timber Decking

Timber has been used in the UK for domestic gardens ins 1984. It is versatile, long lasting and the standard for the majority of garden decks in the UK.

Wooden decking is popular decking in the UK. It will last from 20 years to over 50 years if designed correctly.

Choosing environmentally considerate and climate conscious decking is important to many. We only use certified timber, either FSC or PEFC. We conform to EUTR 2010 to help prevent the use of illegal timber.  You should choose a decking material to match your own style. Each material option has its unique aesthetic appeal, maintenance requirements and costs.

We do insist on the use of smooth timber decking… Karl convinced TRADA to update their decking white paper by demonstrating that grooved timber decking has less traction than a solid surface and therefore less slippy… It’s also easier to maintain and lasts longer.

Ipe, Brazilian walnut decking

One of the hardest timbers on the planet, 3 times harder than oak and one of the best decking materials for real wood lovers. This material silvers out naturally over the first few years of its life and can last over 60 years.

Cumaru, hardwood decking

Normally used for commercial projects due to its extreme durability. It has many colours as a natural hardwood and will like all other timbers outside weather down to a silver grey. A certified and long lasting decking timber.

Iroko, hardwood decking

A rich golden hardwood decking, either PEFC or FSC certified and a sound choice for your new decking project. It is durable and best with a surface fixing with stainless fixings.

Teak, Tectona Grandis decking

The best timber for decking in the world. True teak, tectona grandis, has a natural oil within the timber structure which makes it last longer than any other timber. It has been used in the marine industry since yacht building began. It is incredible expensive and a rare site to see such a beautiful timber used as decking.

Softwood pine decking

Absolutely nothing wrong with pine decking, a perfect solution to a garden deck. It will weather to a silvery grey over the first few years and as long as its designed correctly it will last for 25 years.

You can treat it and try and keep its original colour but you are fighting nature. Best to get this cost busting decking solution into your garden and enjoy it without worrying about its colour.

Our certified pine decking has a smooth surface and will have screws through its surface fixing it in place. It will be chemically treated during its manufacture to a minimum Use Class of UC 3. It will last at least 15 years without issue…

Contact us here if you would like us to design and build you a real wooden deck for your garden.