Millboard Decking

Karl has been designing and building Millboard decking structures since the Millboard company started in 2007. Millboard decking combines the beauty of natural timber with outstanding performance which gives you long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

The leading wood-look decking is made by Millboard. This decking will enhance your outdoor space with quality and durability. Hand-moulded from prime pieces of oak, it has a perfect timber grain that mimics natural timber and is engineered to offer an enhanced decking experience.

Thanks to its unique polymer resin construction, Millboard decking does not deteriorate like natural wood. Additionally, the unique surface provides exceptional slip-resistance, even when wet. Every board is produced using recycled minerals whilst containing no natural timber.

Millboard Enhanced Grain Decking

Decking that perfectly replicates the beauty of prime oak

Antique Oak

Antique Oak’s natural, warm hues remind you of tropical hardwood and the appearance reminds you of a beautifully aged wooden floor.

Antique Oak has more tonal variation per board than any of the other colours in the Millboard range, providing a rich and character look.

Limed Oak

The look of a beautiful sun-bleached timber. Limed Oak has a pale, washed appearance which is the perfect complement to outdoor spaces in all gardens.

Limed Oak provides a clean, cool and sophisticated presence which allows you to create a refined look, whatever your style.

Smoked Oak

A stylish, blended light grey, ideal for contemporary or coastal gardens. Smoked Oak has a soft-grey hue and browner undertones that have the look of seasoned hardwoods. Smoked Oak tastefully complements any outdoor space.

Brushed Basalt

Brushed Basalt is an authentic painted-wood-look decking board. This distinctive option within the Millboard collection is perfect for seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s a perfect material companion with RAL7016 windows and doors…

Brushed Basalt’s blue-grey hues are subtle and work well with other contemporary tones.

Coppered Oak

An autumnal rich finish with a warm depth of colour. Coppered Oak creates a look reminiscent of high-quality hardwoods such as Brazilian walnut.

create your relaxing outdoor space with the natural texture and tone of this russet-brown shade.

Golden Oak

A classic millboard decking colour, one of the originals. Golden Oak offers the appealing look of newly sawn, natural oak. With a light golden hue that retains its stylish appearance over time.

Golden Oak’s warm tones serve as the perfect backdrop to many different tastes and preferences. Add distinction with this handsome and pleasingly traditional board.

Burnt Cedar

A dramatic statement in smooth charred tones. Inspired by the Japanese charring technique, Burnt Cedar is a combination of modern and traditional styles.

With black and disruptive brown undertones, Burnt Cedar is a bold statement and will be at the heart of an elegant decking terrace in your garden.


A deep, burnt-sienna hue inspired by an Australian hardwood of similar colour. Jarrah has warm, earthy tones that feel at home in a variety of situations.

Jarrah works well with a combination of materials such as terracotta, sand and shingle.

Weathered Oak

Decking boards with the timeless tradition of old oak

Embered Weathered Oak

Rich and dramatic, Embered will form the heart of a stage to a glamorous outdoor space.

By combining the look of Japanese ‘Yakisugi’ technique with a contemporary style. Millboard’s Embered boards achieve this age old style whilst also boasting superior durability with stain and fade resistance.

Vintage Weathered Oak

A quintessentially British weathered oak finish which is organic and beautiful. Vintage Weathered Oak is styled with darker tones that work perfectly in traditional design.

This look is a classic and a must for a cottage garden or where you want to make a statement in your outside entertaining space.

Driftwood Weathered Oak

Millboard Driftwood boards have the look of beach worn timber. Driftwood’s subtle hue and characterful texture create an informal and relaxed style.

Coastal gardens or natural pond or swimming pools surround, this deck board is versatile for many garden schemes.

Millboard substructure

The substructure is a vital element of the decking platform. It must be designed to last at least as long as the decking itself. Millboard can be installed over three choices of substructure.

Treated timber substructure

Decking is traditionally installed over a timber structure. Modern advances in technology mean that timber will last just as longs as most decks. (with the correct design of course). The decking frame must be fitted with structurally graded screws, be stress graded to a minimum of C16 and have a Use Class of at least UC3. The timber joists that we use are C24 and UC4, we also use decking tape too. The design of each deck is specific to the industry Code of Practice promulgated by the Association of Professional Landscapers. Our decking structures are fit for purpose and designed to last

Plas-Pro - The recycled, premium standard decking frame

Plas Pro is Millboard’s premium 100% recycled sub frame material for decking. This all-weather, durable and flexible material is a non-rotting alternative to timber and is perfectly suited to spaces exposed to damp, such as jetties, pools, roof terraces and boardwalks.

Plas-Pro is made from 100% recycled plastic. By using selected graded materials and cleverly engineered processes, Plas-Pro provides key environmental benefits and the assurance of superior quality performance. Plas pro will outlast most comparable materials and must be designed correctly for its use as a decking sub frame. It does have an increased cost compared to timber… it is worth it.

DuoSpan® - designed to do more.

DuoSpan® combines the strength of aluminium with the design flexibility of recycled plastic. This achieves a system that provides enormous strength and durability.

DuoSpan® provides the perfect sub frame for Millboard decking, as well as a universal support system for other outdoor flooring. Its ingenious design facilitates top-down fixing of decking boards and makes it an easy installation for professional installers like us.

This revolutionary aluminium frame system has been designed to comply with Eurocode 1: Actions on Structures (BS EN 1991-1-1

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