Decking Design

Do I need my Decking Designed?

All decking should at have a basic structural design to ensure it is fit for purpose and can support the load it is intended for. Your Design will form part of your warranty and backs up your insurance too. When your decking has been designed you can then calculate exactly what it will cost as its from the design that you can calculate what materials are needed.

The decking design in basic form will cover the materials that you want to use and its basic size and shape. It’s what you don’t see that the important bit. The posts and beams, joists and correct fixings, this enables the structure to last as long as its intended.

All decking platforms we design follow strict regulations and of course maintain warranties on the materials used as directed by various manufacturers.

If your decking is more than a rectangle and uses lights, lift out hatches (for access underneath) or steps then it should really have a sensible design to ensure it is constructed correctly. We do all our decking designs in house and are ready to assist you and your project.

The Process


First consultation


Concept planning


Construction drawings


Building your garden decking