Trex Decking

Composite Decking designed with lasting beauty, incredible durability and easy maintenance, there’s no compromising with this high-performance composite decking. High-performance composite is the only type of decking made by Trex.

Trex® Lineage composite decking

This deck is the top of the line from Trex and only available to Trex Pro Installers. There are two colours available to us in the UK.

Transcend Lineage comes in two luxurious, on-trend colours: Biscayne and Rainier. These tranquil tones create a clean canvas for your outdoor space.

Reflects the sun and your sense of style. Transcend Lineage is engineered to keep your deck cooler, even on the hottest days.

Trex Lineage decking maintains its vibrant colour and luxurious finish—come scorching sun or red-wine spill—thanks to its unyielding shell protection. (Not to mention simple soap-and-water clean-up.) Backed by a 50-year Limited Residential Warranty.

Trex® Biscayne

A light coastal brown, Biscayne captures the beauty of sweeping beaches and sandy coasts, with its light honey hues and natural grain pattern.

Trex® Rainier

An airy, mountain grey, Rainier mirrors white-capped mountains and wooded sounds, with its subtle silver tones and delicate grain pattern

Trex® Transcend composite decking

Transcend decking’s deep timber-grain pattern and luxury colours create a premium, ageless look. Rich, fade-resistant colours mimic the look of natural timber while keeping maintenance to a minimum. This range has a 50 year warranty. There are 5 unique Trex Transcend decking colours to choose from.

Tiki Torch

Featuring hints of nutmeg and ginger, Tiki Torch is a light brown board designed to mimic teak, it is vibrant and interesting grain pattern

Spiced Rum

A burnt umber with hints of onyx black. Spiced Rum resembles tropical ipe, with its true-to-nature vibrancy and beautiful grain pattern.

Lava Rock

Featuring rich reddish-black undertones making for an intriguing colour. Lava Rock looks and feels like redwood, with its true-to-nature colourful grain pattern.

Island Mist

A medley of calming silver tones is one of most stylish colours. Island Mist has the feel of the weathered look of driftwood. “One of my fav’s”

Gravel Path

Like a stony pastoral with a single colour. Gravel Path brings a pristine grey to the outdoors with its simple colour and detailed grain

Trex® Enhance composite decking

Trex Enhance® decking offers the beautiful look and style of natural timber without the hassle. Composite decking like Trex Enhance® has a longer lifespan than traditional timber. Versatile and able to be used in a variety of deck designs and applications, Trex Enhance® has built-in fade and stain protection, as well as mould and mildew resistance. This range has a 35 year warranty. There are 6 unique Trex Enhance decking colours to choose from.

Toasted Sand

Toasted Sand is a tawny seashell brown with subtle dark-brown splashes, featuring a low-maintenance, wood-like grain pattern.

Calm Water

Calm Water is a dark, inky charcoal with an easy-to-maintain, wood-like grain pattern, making it the simple choice.

Rocky Harbor

A contemporary neutral decking board. Rocky Harbor adds sandy undertones to a rustic slate grey, a popular choice

Foggy Wharf

A modern neutral, Foggy Wharf blends salty grey hues with shades of dark silver, I quite like this grain pattern

Trex® Basics composite decking

Trex® Basics range of composite decking is the simplest of composite products by Trex. With a choice of two colours and a 25 year warranty. This product has everything for a garden deck on a budget. It is the most cost effective composite product in our composite portfolio.

Clam Shell

Clam Shell is a light heather grey with an easy-to-maintain, wood-like grain pattern, making it the simple choice.


Select Saddle is a medium brown with an easy-to-maintain, wood-like grain pattern, making it the simple choice.

Decking by Karl is a website owned by Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd. Karl has a decking portfolio spanning 0ver 20 years and Trex is well represented. Karl is a registered Trex® Pro decking installer.

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