Trex Composite decking installer Chorleywood

Trex Composite decking installer Chorleywood

Trex composite decking installer Chorleywood was the first choice when the clients searched for a local company to creatively design and build their new garden deck.

The decking brief was to remove their existing decking and simply replace it with a contemporary material. The decking existed from cedar which spanned 140 plus square metres and covered several changes in elevation  with a staircase taking you from and too the first floor.

Choosing Trex decking is a sensible choice.

The clients wanted a stylish and long lasting decking solution and having been presented with a composite that had a warranty of 25 years, Trex was the obvious choice. Greys were the preferred colours and Trex had exactly that. Foggy Wharf with the trims in a contrasting Calm Water worked with the brief and was duly designed into the project.

Balustrade for a decking staircase

The clients choice was for a simple black balustrade and railing so the Fortitude system made it into the design. Simple in structure and tested to part K of the current Building Regulations, it’s a sensible choice. The black balustrade works well with the decking colours which gives a balanced appearance to the scheme.

Why the clients chose Karl for the decking

The client said. “We had three other quotes for the works and Karl was the only contractor to offer a drawing with exact figures with a quotation based on a specification. He was also within 5% of the other quotes… I’m glad we chose him”.

Decking lighting for the stairs

The lighting had to be a simple arrangement with nothing too bright nor too big either. The lighting supplied by country supplies is a great choice because there is always stock, and the value is very good. There are over 40 steps in this garden, and they were all illuminated.

Karl Harrison decking designer

Karl designs all decking to the structural demands of BS5268-7.1, part K and in accordance with the Association of Professional Landscapers construction guide for decking. 

Karl said “I love the versatility of Trex, there are plenty of colour combinations to choose from”

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