Trex Composite decking in Pinner

Trex composite decking in Pinner

Karl Harrison has been commissioned to design and decking terrace in Pinner, Harrow in London. The client was introduced to the team by Trex® and they wanted a TrexPro to design and instal their new garden decking.

There was an existing decking terrace that had stood for over 15 years and so planning permission wasn’t required. The existing platform had a small set of steps to one side and the new design enhanced this step arrangement. The steps were made more central and in-line with the patio doors. This gave a welcoming feel to the decking into the garden.

Decking balustrade by Fortitude

The decking elevation exceeded the minimum height which required balustrade. Building regulations state that all changes in elevation require a balustrade of at least 1.1metres high. In this instance Karl recommended the Fortitude range due to its high performance, testing and cost.

Trex decking colours

The colours for this project is a combination of Trex Tiki Torch and Spiced Rum, the two work well together. Solid boards for the perimeter and where the side clips can’t be used there are recessed screws and colour coordinated plugs.

Karl said “I love using Trex, it’s great to design with and even better to work with”

The decking structure

All specified in accordance with EC5 for timber connections and BS 5268-7 for the 1.5kN evenly distributed load. The beams and joists used are 150 x 47 and treated to UC4 with a structural performance of C24. The structure is mechanically fixed into place with the use of Carpenters Mate structural screws of minimum length 150mm. The support posts are made from rot free recycled plastic called HDPE.

This decking structure is certainly built to last as long as the manufacturers Trex® Transcend warranty of 50 years.

If you  would like a Trex composite decking in Pinner, do contact us here to discuss your project.