Millboard decking installer in Bray

Millboard decking installer in Bray

Overlooking the Thames and surrounded by well-manicured gardens makes the perfect setting for a decking terrace.

The design brief

To create a stark contrast for new flooring to rear garden sweeping stairs leading up to a raised terrace. Dark colours, attention to detail and accurate.  

The materials

With a dark material palette and an expectation of durability and longevity they best choice was for Millboard Oak replica decking.

Millboard say “A dramatic statement in smooth charred tones. Inspired by the Japanese Yakisugi technique of burning timber to preserve it, Burnt Cedar is the perfect mix of modern and traditional styles” and I couldn’t agree more.

The substructure

Due to the extremely low elevation, it was only feasible to create a decking terrace by using a PlasPro structure. 50mm in section allowed a perfect and long lasting structure for the decking.

Custom made step arrangement

The existing steps were covered in a poor performing cherry wood. Its not designed for this environment and had to be changed. The decking material was able to be made into these curved steps. Flexible bullnose edging, fascia board and careful machining the decking allowed for a single unit step to be manufactured. Each step had to be templated to allow for these steps to be accurately made. 

If you are looking for a Millboard decking installer in Bray then do contact us to discuss your new decking project. Karl Harrison is based in Amersham and has over 20 years designing and building decking projects.